Aston Walker - Activist, Artist, Computer Scientist, Broadcaster, Inventor, Trainer, Graphene Sensor engineer, AI Machine Learning, blockchain, Game Developer, Manager at ACMC-Newstyle Radio 98.7FM Chairperson
Daniel Greaves - Software Engineer, Computer Scientist, Game Developer C++ Unreal Engine CTO
Antoinette - Media Specialist MEDIA TEAM

Ibrahim Ahmed - Charity and Development

Joshua Brown 3D Technology/MUSIC
Sophia Carr - Social Media, Broadcaster, presenter SOCIAL TEAM
Jeffrey The Boxer Chef
Filed Patents and IP
  Edward Bernays - Propaganda 1928   
  Neo Colonialism - Kwame Nkrumah   
  Aston Walker Prof. David Dabydeen Baroness Amos Rt. Hon Clare Short Newstyle Radio Show  
  Newstyle Radio 98.7FM Sci-Fi Radio Drama Satirical comedy    
  Effective Altruism and Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom  
  FTX Crypto and Theranos Frauds and why they occur  
  Aston Walker Youtuber Syndicate Tom Cassell Professor Mak Sharma BCU Vodafone 5G  
  Retrocausality in Quantum Systems  
  Opensea NFT Collection  
  Energy Unified - Ken Wheeler  
  Col. Douglas Macgregor PhD  
  Rep. Tom Emmer (R) to SBF fraus at FTX 
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